foss-north lightning talks online

This Sunday we ran the first virtual sessions of foss-north. First out were the lightning talks. This was for two reasons – it is the stress case for the infrastructure – and it is easier to find a group of lightning talk speakers one week earlier than to move the 1h talks.

First of all I want to say that the infrastructure worked very well! We have some rough edges to to take care of, but in general the technology worked.

You find the actual talks below. Following the links you find slides as well as recordings of the sessions.

Develop better software with usability testing by Andreas Nilsson
Running Android on the Raspberry Pi by Chris Simmonds
The Yocto Project 10 minute quick-start guide by Ron Munitz
Getting started with your smart, connected, vehicle project by Dimitris Platis
Seven years in Tibet^W^Wat Home by Kristoffer Grönlund
Linux on RISC-V by Drew Fustini
Singularity container platform by Anders Björklund

Slides from React

Last meet the foss-gbg group met at Edument who celebrated their 10 years birthday. We listened to two great talks about React held by David Waller and Marc Klefter. And we got cake – a first for foss-gbg :-).

You can download David’s slides from here. The code used by Marc in his talk can be downloaded from here.

Thank you everyone for attending and big thanks for David and Marc for their presentations. Next meeting will be foss-north 2020. See you there!

2019-10: The Game Programming Event

Yesterday we met to learn about game programming. Anders Björklund started with a presentation on SpriteWorld – the project that got him into open source. You can find his slides here.

After that Johan Thelin did a live session showing Godot. He started in 2D and ended in VR. All the example code is available on his github, and the slides are here.

Again – big thank you to everyone who joined in – and big thank you to Unionen for the nice venue and food!

Frukostseminarium om Open Source

Setterwalls kör ett frukostseminarium om Open Source den 13/11. Mer information och registrering hittar du här: .

PS. Organiserar du events som kan vara av intresse för foss-gbgs medlemmar är du mer än välkommen att höra av dig så annonserar vi dem här.

2019-05: Show and Tell

Yesterday we had the May event. It took place in the workspace provided by Digidem Labs with catering provided by Kuro Studio.

This was the first time we tried the format of show and tell and we had seven different (groups of) speakers showcasing everything from autonomous robots, encryption hardware, to administration tools for Linux and a ride-sharing platform.

Picture by Dimitri Platis (source:

Two of the speakers wanted to share their slides and some additional information:

A big thanks goes to the sponsors and all our participants helping to make this event!

2019-05: Show and Tell

On May 22 we meet for a Show and Tell – bring your own project and show it to the world. It can be software, hardware, or almost anything else, as long as it is open source.

The cryptopuck, which will be shown and told about.

We have a couple of projects lined up, but the more the merrier! Tell Johan at if you want to show something.

We will be at Digidem Lab and Koderize will provide some lighter food for the evening.

Reserve your seat over at meetup

2019-02: Containers without Docker

The first meetup of 2019 was all about Containers without Docker. Anders Björklund took us through a tour of container history (including Docker), podman, kubernetes, minikubes and more.

I would like to extend a thank you to our hosts – Scionova – and everyone who attended. It was great to have so many people joining!

2018-11: Mender and Reverse Engineering

Last week the last meetup of 2018 took place at ICTech. The event had two speakers. Mirza Krak spoke about Mender and software updates and Philip Karlsson talked about reverse engineering using x64dbg.

You can find the video recordings of both sessions below:

Big thanks to everyone who joined this meetup and who took part in foss-gbg during 2018. See you all again in 2019!

Lyssna till Daniel Stenberg

Evolve Technology kör sin pre-standup meetup nästa vecka och Daniel Stenberg – mannen bakom curl – kommer till stan.

Daniel Stenberg, författaren av curl kommer till Göteborg för att berätta lite om hans resa med att få curl att växa från ingenting för att på 20 år finnas i varje uppkopplad apparat på jorden. Välkommen till Scandic Rubinen i Göteborg på en frukostföreläsning den 10e oktober klockan 08:30

Biljetter och detaljer hittar ni på meetupen.

foss-gbg 2018-09: C on bare metal ARM

Septemberträffen ägnades åt att köra kod direkt på en ARM-processor. D.v.s. ingen bootloader, inget operativsystem, ingenting. Jacob Mossberg talade om hur detta går till under kvällens huvudnummer. Slides och bakgrundsmaterial hittar du här.

Under kvällen spelades även en video in. Tyvärr avbröts inspelningen något tidigt, men större delen av talket finns med (och resten går att läsa om på Jacobs blog).

Efter Jacob så var det dags för lightning talks. Vi talade snabbt om innan Anders Björklund visade sitt projekt för att kombinera proot och Raspbian.

Slutligen så vill vi passa på att tacka CyberCom som stog för lokal och förtäring!

Lite bilder från kvällen: