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Sommaren börjar gå mot slutet vilket betyder att det äntligen är dags för foss-gbg att dra igång igen. Höstens första träff går av stapeln den 27/9 klockan 17. Då ska Mirza Krak från Host Mobility prata om hur man får Linux att snurra på ny hårdvara:

Hardware bring-up can be an exiting but painful journey, especially when you have a prototype software running on a prototype hardware. Nevertheless a rewarding journey. In my presentation I will talk about hardware/software ”team” relations. I will also present some of the tools that I use when debugging hardware to be able to pinpoint errors and determinate if they are software or hardware related. And finish of with some real-life examples of obscure problems that can occur when you work with hardware (”war stories from the trenches”).

Och lite om Mirza själv:

I am a software engineer employed by Host Mobility AB with a passion for open-source. Active in the Linux kernel community and also a contributor.

At Host Mobility my responsibility’s are developing and maintaining software for our whole product range. That means everything from writing code for tiny micro-controllers in C and Assembler to Linux kernel hacking and board support package development, managing build-systems (openembbedded-core, buildroot, yocto) and u-boot development. I work closely with our hardware team in new hardware design and bring-up.

Denna gång är det Alten som står för lokal och bjuder på enklare tilltugg. Vi träffas på deras kontor på Lindholmen, närmare bestämt Theres Svenssons gata 15. Biljetter kostar gratis och finns osm vanligt på Eventbrite.