2019-05: Show and Tell

Yesterday we had the May event. It took place in the workspace provided by Digidem Labs with catering provided by Kuro Studio.

This was the first time we tried the format of show and tell and we had seven different (groups of) speakers showcasing everything from autonomous robots, encryption hardware, to administration tools for Linux and a ride-sharing platform.

Picture by Dimitri Platis (source: https://www.meetup.com/foss-gbg/photos/30005502/#481559654)

Two of the speakers wanted to share their slides and some additional information:

A big thanks goes to the sponsors and all our participants helping to make this event!

OPENHACK in Gothenburg

Are you a creative problem solver or enjoy coding? Do you have a passion for working with humanitarian issues? If the answer to these questions is yes, then join OPENHACK for their hackathon the weekend of 24-26th May!

OPENHACK started as a project within engineers without borders and is a collaborative community where ideas and knowledge are being exchanged in order to solve humanitarian challenges through open source development. Our hackathons serve as the foundation of our community where physical meetings take place and innovations are sparked to life. This is where we bring tech volunteers, aid organizations, social actors, and sponsors together in the same building to work together.

For 48 hours, developers, designers and motivated people from all over Sweden will gather for a hackathon in Gothenburg. The focus will be to leverage Open Source code to solve challenges society faces.

Read more and register on – https://gbg.openhack.io

2019-05: Show and Tell

On May 22 we meet for a Show and Tell – bring your own project and show it to the world. It can be software, hardware, or almost anything else, as long as it is open source.

The cryptopuck, which will be shown and told about.

We have a couple of projects lined up, but the more the merrier! Tell Johan at johan@foss-gbg.se if you want to show something.

We will be at Digidem Lab and Koderize will provide some lighter food for the evening.

Reserve your seat over at meetup