foss-gbg 2019-02: Containers without Docker

It is time for the first foss-gbg of 2019 and this time we will listen to Anders Björklund speaking about Containers without Docker.

In this presentation Anders will talk about the Podman and Kubernetes projects, and show how to run Linux containers – without using a Docker daemon. It will include a brief introduction and a historic background of container technology, as well as some demonstrations on how you can run it locally.

Linux containers are technologies that allow you to package and isolate applications with their entire runtime environment – all they need to run. Containers share the operating system (OS) kernel and therefore do not require an OS per application, requiring less resources than virtual machines.

Kubernetes (k8s) is an open-source container orchestration system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery, and was originally released by Google in 2014.

And some words about the speaker:

Anders Björklund is a system developer working with continuous integration and continuous delivery using distributed build systems based on Linux. He has been working with Linux and containers for a long time, and is part of the Docker Machine community and a maintainer of Kubernetes Minikube.

Our host for the evening will be Scionova who provides some lighter food and beverages.

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Tickets for foss-north 2019

The ticket sales for foss-north 2019 has opened. Get yours at

This year the conference consists of three parts: community day, conference days and training day.

The community day is free of charge and consists of a number of workshops and hackathons throughout Gothenburg. The conference, two days, two tracks, is the core of the event and is run as previous years. The training day consists of full day trainings and come with an additional cost. If you want to attend you need to get the ticket for the training session you want.

foss-gbg 2018-11: Mender and hacking

It is time for the November foss-gbg. We will meet on the 14th and listen to Mirza Krak talk about Mender, followed by a hacking workshop by Philip Karlsson, so make sure to bring a laptop!

Robust software updates on Embedded Linux devices is complex, and doing robust software updates over-the-air adds to the complexity. The hardships come of course from the embedded environment which differ in many ways compared to desktop or server Linux installations, where you must handle poor mobile network connectivity, sudden power-loss and never leave a device in a unusable state (brick) when doing the update OTA.

There are a lot of examples that have gotten attention in media, where unstable software update solutions have caused real-life problems which could have been mitigated by a robust software solution that is able to handle the corner cases that exist in the embedded environment.

In this talk Mirza Krak will present Mender, Apache 2.0 licensed end-to-end software update solution. This is a deep-dive session that will cover:

– project ecosystem and community
– technical insights
– security insights

And will of course include a mandatory demo.

Mirza Krak is currently part of the open source project to deploy OTA software updates to embedded Linux devices. He is an embedded Linux solution specialist with seven years of experience in the field with expertise in within Board Support Package development which ranges from hardware bring-up, boot-loaders, Linux kernel and build systems (Yocto/OE-core).

Mirza was an Mender community member for a couple of years which led to an employment in 2018 to continue to work on the Mender project full-time.

Mirza has spoken at various conferences including Embedded Linux Conference and foss-north.

The hacking workshop starts with the MiGiC Guitar to MIDI Converter and focuses on how the free software x64dbg can be used to understand how the copy protection to MiGiC was circumvented.Shortly after the commercial release of MiGiC 1.0, the product was found cracked at one of the more known torrent pages. Since development hours were spent trying to protect the product he became curious in how the attackers broke the protection. In order to investigate this the open source debugger / disassembler x96 dbg was acquired to perform an analysis of both the cracked and uncracked binary.

In the session Philip will show you parts of the analysis as well as presenting three so called ”crackmes” that you will get the opportunity to find weaknesses in using the x64dbg tool. Therefore, its a good idea to bring a PC so you can use the tool yourself.

The venue host for the evening are ictech. They will provide lighter snacks and beverages, as well as the location.

Image result for ictech logo sverige

As usual you can reserve your seat at meetup.

foss-gbg 2018-10: Workshop om

Det är dags för en workshop om Du kan se presentationen som startade det hela här:

Vi träffas den 16/10 och delar lite mat och skapar innehåll för websidan.

OBS! Om du deltar i detta möte så förväntas du bidra i arbetet!

Värd för träffen är Kuro Studio som står för lokal och enklare förtäring.

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foss-gbg 2018-09: Running C programs bare metal on ARM using the GNU toolchain

Det är dags för Septemberträffen. Vi träffas den 26:e September och denna gång pratar Jacob Mossberg om att köra C-kod direkt på en ARM. Som vanligt så avslutar vi med lightning talks.

In this talk Jacob will demonstrate how to run a simple C program on an
ARM Cortex M3 using the GNU development tool chain. He will examine the generated assembler code to come up with the minimal prerequisites that must be in place in order to run C code. He will go on and show how to fulfill those prerequisites using the linker and by writing some startup
code. The presentation will finish up by making use of the GNU debugger
to inspect the execution of the program.

Jacob has worked with embedded related projects in the automotive and
telecommunication domains. His main interest is embedded development
using C and C++. He also tries to stay up to date on Python. In his
current project he tries to make the most of the Ruby programming
language running on an embedded Linux device.

Värd för eventet denna gång är Cybercom Group som står för lättare förtäring och lokal. Biljetter hittar ni som vanligt på meetup.

foss-gbg 2018-08

Vi drar igång foss-gbg efter sommaren med en kväll om ITS – Incompatible Timesharing System. Lars Brinkhoff talar om:

MITs operativsystem ITS användes på deras PDP-10 stordatorer från 1967 till 1990. Det har påverkat många andra operativsystem och lade grunden för rörelsen kring fri mjukvara. Jag tänker berätta om dess historia och utveckling, samt demonstrera några program.

Lars Brinkhoff är intresserad av Emacs, Lisp, Forth, 68000, och PDP-10.

Det kommer även finnas tid för lightning talks och mingel.

Lokal och enklare förtäring kommer från Sylog. Sylog är ett konsultbolag inom systemutveckling, teknik och IT. Våra konsulter arbetar i spännande projekt med senaste teknikerna, såsom autonoma fordon, artificiell intelligens, molnbaserade tjänster och mycket annat. Vi strävar alltid efter nära och långsiktiga samarbeten. Genom att vi förstår våra kunders mål, utmaningar och omvärld blir vi en stark partner inom både produkt- och systemutveckling. Vi har cirka 500 konsuler i uppdrag och finns på orterna Göteborg, Stockholm och Linköping.

Biljetter finns numer på meetup.

foss-gbg 2018-05

Vi kör ett foss-gbg innan sommaren. Den 30/5 så kör vi:

#1 Key signing
#2 Talk: Android in Cars (30 minuter)
#3 Lightning talks – registrering on-site

Luxoft står för lokal och enklare förtäring. Adressen är Östra Hamngatan 16 (vid spårvagnshållplatsen Lilla Bommen).

Gratis biljetter finns som vanligt på eventbrite – först till kvarn gäller.

foss-gbg 2017-08

Välkomna tillbaka efter sommaren! Den 23/8 är det dags för höstsäsongen av foss-gbg och den inleds av Zeeshan som pratar om The good kind of Rust.

In this talk, Zeeshan will introduce us to a programming language called Rust, that combines safety and efficiency in a unique
new approach. While the language has not been around for a very long time, in the last few years it has been seeing a lot of adaptation in areas where safety and efficiency are important considerations.

Om någon vill prata om något eget projekt eller något annat intressant så kommer det finnas en lighningtalklista att skriva upp sig på under kvällen, eller så kontaktar ni .

Kvällens värd är Luxoft som står för enklare tilltugg och lokal. Vi träffas på Östrahamngatan 16 kring 17.30, äter, lyssnar och hackar tillsammans. Biljetter är gratis och finns på eventbrite.

foss-gbg and scrumbeers meet on #NoEstimates

It is time for a new foss-gbg on June 7.

We decided to try and cross pollinate some of the local meetup groups, so we present a joint meetup between and

This will allow us to meet people outside of our usual circle and gain valuable connections, while learning about something that is of interest to both groups.

Unlike the usual scrumbeers, but at usual for foss-gbg, we will host this one at a company and we are happy to thank for sponsoring with a locale and some food.

We will have a special guest speaker Woody Zuill one site to talk to us on the subject of #NoEstimates.

Woody started a lot of debate on twitter a few years back by using that hash tag and suggesting we start a discussion on the subject, while the debate still rages on it has also grown into a vibrant and active community trying to improve our ways of working and improving the chances of success on all software development.

Get your ticket at meetup and see you at the event!