foss-gbg 2018-09: Running C programs bare metal on ARM using the GNU toolchain

Det är dags för Septemberträffen. Vi träffas den 26:e September och denna gång pratar Jacob Mossberg om att köra C-kod direkt på en ARM. Som vanligt så avslutar vi med lightning talks.

In this talk Jacob will demonstrate how to run a simple C program on an
ARM Cortex M3 using the GNU development tool chain. He will examine the generated assembler code to come up with the minimal prerequisites that must be in place in order to run C code. He will go on and show how to fulfill those prerequisites using the linker and by writing some startup
code. The presentation will finish up by making use of the GNU debugger
to inspect the execution of the program.

Jacob has worked with embedded related projects in the automotive and
telecommunication domains. His main interest is embedded development
using C and C++. He also tries to stay up to date on Python. In his
current project he tries to make the most of the Ruby programming
language running on an embedded Linux device.

Värd för eventet denna gång är Cybercom Group som står för lättare förtäring och lokal. Biljetter hittar ni som vanligt på meetup.