foss-gbg and scrumbeers meet on #NoEstimates

It is time for a new foss-gbg on June 7.

We decided to try and cross pollinate some of the local meetup groups, so we present a joint meetup between and

This will allow us to meet people outside of our usual circle and gain valuable connections, while learning about something that is of interest to both groups.

Unlike the usual scrumbeers, but at usual for foss-gbg, we will host this one at a company and we are happy to thank for sponsoring with a locale and some food.

We will have a special guest speaker Woody Zuill one site to talk to us on the subject of #NoEstimates.

Woody started a lot of debate on twitter a few years back by using that hash tag and suggesting we start a discussion on the subject, while the debate still rages on it has also grown into a vibrant and active community trying to improve our ways of working and improving the chances of success on all software development.

Get your ticket at meetup and see you at the event!