2019-11 och 12

It is finally time for the autumn season of foss-gbg to get going. This time we have to sessions lined up.

We begin on November 18 with a session of game programming using Godot.

Godot is an open source game engine allowing you to create both 2D and 3D games. During this evening Johan will demonstrate the basic concepts before diving into fun bits such as VR.

Johan has never worked as a game developer and is a master of so called ”programmer art”, i.e. he can write code, but not draw. During day time he works as a system architect for in-vehicle infotainment at Mbition, as well as a co-founder of the start-up studio Kuro Studio.

The host for the evening is Unionen. They kindly provide the venue as well as lighter food. You can get your tickets for the event here.

In December we continue with a meetup on the topic of Labgrid.

Labgrid is a embedded board control python library with a focus on testing, development and general automation. Labgrid exports a pytest plugin which abstracts the hardware specifics, based on a configuration file per board.

I’ve used Labgrid to automate flashing and testing of embedded boards, both as part of a CI loop but also for my everyday developer tasks. In this talk, I’ll make an overview of what Labgrid is and isn’t, how it can fit into the development flow and do some comparisons with other systems. There will be lots of examples and a demo!

Tobias is a software engineer that has ended up in the embedded Linux domain, working mostly with various Linux platforms using Yocto/OpenEmbedded with both automotive and industrial applications. A functional programmer at heart, most of the code he writes these days are C/C++ and various scripting snippets.

The venue for the event is kindly provided by Redpill-Linpro, who also contributes some lighter food. Get your tickets for the event here.