Rapid embedded with Zephyr RTOS

It’s time for another foss-gbg! On November 16th Tobias Olausson of Elektronikutvecklingsbyrån will talk about Zephyr RTOS.

Zephyr is an RTOS with ”batteries included”. It comes with built-in support for a large number of boards, and includes many libraries useful for the firmware developer. Furthermore, Zephyr uses KConfig and device trees to select features and describe hardware.

The large ecosystem together with the flexibility of device trees, makes Zephyr an excellent RTOS for rapid development. I will show how we work at EUB where we can write almost all the firmware before we have the actual hardware available, and how you can do the same!

There will be demos! There will be hardware! Hopefully there won’t be any smoke puffs coming from the hardware 🙂

There will be something to eat and drink as well, feel free to join from 16:30 onwards. The talk starts at 17:00-ish.

Find the event and mark attendance via Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/foss-gbg/events/296698773/

Slides from Tobias’ talk can be found here

Using FOSS with RISC-V

It’s been long, but the wait is over. For this autumn’s first foss-gbg, Klas Nordmark of 2550 Engineering will talk about working with RISC-V.

RISC-V is an open standard ISA that’s completely royalty free and available under open source licenses. Klas will talk about his experiences with getting free samples of RISC-V cores through the OpenMPW initiative. General RISC-V introduction will be covered as well as some specifics for the chips that Klas worked with.

The main focus of the talk will be about how to use the tooling available for RISC-V (which is all FOSS) as well as the process on how to work with it. There will also be hardware samples to look at!

HaleyTek will supply both venue and fika! The talk will start at around 17:00, fika will be available from 16:30.

Attend through the meetup: https://www.meetup.com/foss-gbg/events/296103555/

Klas’ slides from the talk are available at Google Docs